2017 -2018 Season

Hello fellow Dart shooters.

We are 7 weeks into the new season, all seems to be going well. There are already some very tight races in all divisions.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

We had a meeting with the Middletown Dart League, and again will be doing the All Star Challenge with them.  Details to follow.

Thank you all for your support of this league.

Start of Winter Dart Season 2016-2017

Hello everyone.

The start of dart season is just over a week away.

We have our MANDATORY packet pick up meeting this Wednesday the 5th at Ryders on Main.

Couple of changes that I have mentioned in previous meetings.

  1.  Super A will only play Super A teams.  We made it a 5 team division, as well as in A1.  We have 50 teams and that was the easiest way to work it out.
  2. You will now be able to text your score in after your match.  We have a new # for this, it is 203 514-0663.  You can call this # and leave a message as well with the score info.  Here is all you need to send in.  Your Name, Your division, the score with your opponents team name as well..  So Example:   Hi, this is John, B3 Division, ryders 9, Maloney’s 9.  Thank you.

In the works:

All star shoot against the Middletown league.  Looking to do this in February. More details to follow.


Thank you all, see you soon and practice up.  🙂

Randy Annino

C.C.D.A. Presiden


Its with a very heavy heart that I post this.

Mike Anziano passed away Tuesday after a long illness.

If you have ever played at Village Green or against A-1 Hardwood Flooring, you would know who he is.

He was a great man, friend & sponser.  He had a big heart and a big voice.

The local darting world is now missing 1 of the good one’s.

Please say a little prayer for his wife Karen and 3 children.

Services are this Sunday at Wallingford Funeral home. I believe this includes the calling hours.

Rest in Peace Mike. You will be missed.

Dart Rule Reminders!

Hello All!!
We are into our third week of darts and I just want to remind you all of a few things…..
On the score sheets under Home Team and Away Team is a little box. Please write your team name in there.
It is mandatory to write first and last names of each shooter all the way down the score sheet. (This rule is on page 3 of the rule book)
All score sheets must be mailed by the home team within a 48 hour postal cancellation period after match conclusion. It the score sheet is late, a 5 point penalty will be deducted from the home teams score. (This rule is on page 4 of the rule book)
On the sides of the score sheets is where you write the all stars. When the captains sign it at the end of the night, please total the all stars at the bottom of the sheet. This is a big help when I am recording the all stars to make sure you didn’t total it wrong or that I didn’t make a mistake and miss an all star.
Please use the names you provided on the roster sheet on the score sheet. If there is a nickname or someone gets married, please email that to me so I give credit to the proper person. Plus if I don’t recognize the name I may think they are an illegal player. I tried to email all the captains this week when that happened so I know a few of the nicknames and new last names now.
Players fees of $100.00 per team are due by November 21st. The rule book says $75 but that is incorrect. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to pay them if you haven’t already. Just mail a check  in with your score sheet. Make all checks payable to CCDA.
Thank you for your help and Good Luck to everyone tomorrow night!!
Have a Sparkling Day!
Statistician, CCDA


Hello all again.

Week 2 is here.  Who else is excited to have that first cold beer, hit that first triple 20 & yell BAM!!! when you hit the double to win..    THIS GUY IS..especially the cold beer..  :)))

Just a quick note.  All stars will NOT be updated when the sheet comes out Thursday. With the new site, Michele has to input all the teams and full names, and it’s a tedious task, so please be patient and don’t text or email her Thursday morning, when no all stars show up on the sheet.

They will get done over the weekend, more than likely, and the website will be updated.

Thank you and Good Luck.

Randy Annino

C.C.D.A.  President


Opening Night of 2014-15 Dart Season

Hello all.

Tonight we embark on the beginning of the 2014 – 2015 Dart season.

Please remember to read through the rules, especially those pertaining to the division you are in.  On the front page of the rules are the #’s and email’s of the officers.  If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to call any one of us.  

Also, when calling in the scores, please leave just your Division, Team & your score and the opposing team and their score.    Ex:  Super A div, QT#1 10, TCB 8.  No need for all stars of anything else.

Thank you and good luck

Randy Annino

President C.C.D.A.

Super A/A1 Singles & Trophy Vote

This year it was proposed to stop all individual trophies. The vote choices were:

  1. Eliminate individual trophies
  2. Change to as wanted by everyone
  3. Keep as is

It was also proposed to change the singles 501 to drop in format (Super A and A1 division only). The vote choices were:

  1. Keep singles to 501 only
  2. Make singles 501/cricket/choice. 3rd game only if necessary.

The results of the votes are as follows:

  • Super A / A1 – Insread of playing 501 singles, you will play 501/cricket/choice (3rd game if needed)
  • Trophy vote – Keep it the way it is.

Note: Come the end of the season if there is a team that does not want individual trophies, just let us know and we will not get them.

2014 – 2015 Dart Season

It’s time to get ready for the upcoming CCDA Dart Season!!

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, September 10th at 
North Italian Home Club, 43 Thorp Avenue, Meriden at 7 pm

  • This meeting it open to all Dart Shooters. At this meeting we will discuss any rule changes, nominations for  President and Secretary positions, hand our roster sheets.

Wednesday, September 24th at
Meriden Elks #35, 120 East Main Street, Meriden at 7 pm

  • Mandatory Captains meeting. The captain or a member of the team (must be on that teams roster) needs to be here.
  • All Rosters need to be turned in and Sponsor fees are due at this meeting. Players fees can be paid as well but are not due until November 22nd.
  • Vote on President and Secretary if needed.

Wednesday, October 8th at
American Legion Post 72,  66 Main Street, Southington at 7 pm

  • Mandatory Captains Meeting to hand out captains packets.
  • The captain or member of the team (must be on the teams roster) needs to be at this meeting.